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Are You Frustrated Because You Don't Have the Time to Keep Track of Your Investment Portfolio?

We were too!  So we decided to do something about it and created ETF Investing Advisor.  Our mission is to give you data and tools that help you make better long-term decisions for your investment portfolio.  We got tired of the daily gyrations of the stock market.  The constant firehose of stock market news and information available on the internet was mind numbing.  How is one supposed to keep track of all this information and determine an investment strategy out of random and chaotic noise?


How Our Robotic Trend Advisor Can Help Identify Key Market Trends

Trend analytics based on long-term data.  ETF IA is our robotic trend advisor that calculates thousands of data points each week to distill this data into smoothed trend ranking and rating signals.  The investment time-frame for these trend analytics is measured in months and sometimes years.  ETF Investing Advisor was created to give long-term investors data and tools to make better investment decisions. Our data focuses on long-term trend and ranking analysis of ETFs.

Use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) for added diversification.   We buy baskets of stocks via ETFs to provide a level of diversification and reduce our exposure to single company risks.  The correlation is very strong between similar stocks within most ETFs, so buying the basket of them makes a lot of sense from a risk/reward perspective.

We limit our investment universe.  We have pre-selected a basket of 154 ETFs that represent broad segments and industries of the stock market, and will capture most major investment trends across the stock market cycle.  This makes it simpler to track key movements and trends and avoids the complexity of trying to track thousands of ETFs or stock tickers.  

100% online data service.  The results of our data trend analytics is available to you 24/7 online and is accessed with login credentials and a password provided to paid members. Our focus on internet delivery of all information allows us to keep our costs and value proposition extremely competitive.  


How You Can Benefit

Invest in the strongest trending sectors and asset classes of the stock market.  Use the trend ranking analytics to your advantage by always staying invested in the top performing stock market sectors and industries.  Our data analytics easily indentifies the strongest absolute trending ETFs as well as the strongest relative trending ETFs of the 154 ETF investment universe.  

Color coded ranking make it easy.  At a glance you can quickly determine the best trending ETF sectors and asset classes you might want to consider for your portfolio.

Free up your time.  Signals are updated over the weekend, but many investors actually choose to review the new rankings every 4 - 6 months as they check in on the trend rankings.  Due to the long-term nature of the trend analysis it is not necessary to monitor on a daily or weekly basis, however the option is there if you choose.  


What We Are Not

Your investment advisor.  We are an electronic publisher of trend analytics, we cannot offer any investment advise, nor can we respond to any questions or inquiries about specific investments.  We are not licensed to provide investment advise.  Our service is limited to 100% electronic delivery of data trend analytics via our membership portal, which gives access to trend ranking datasets and ETF charts.


How You Can Get Started

Check out our special offers.  Head over to our membership page and find the right membership level to suit your individual needs.  We look forward to you joining our community and capitalizing on the big market trends!  These special offers are only valid for a limited period of time.   Get started now!

We believe everyone can succeed at investing with the right strategy.

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