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Getting Started User Guide for ETF Investing Advisor

Welcome to ETF Investing Advisor!

Congratulations on taking the first step into the exciting world of long-term investing with ETFs.   You are joining thousands of other investors that have found success investing in ETF trends that are are outperforming the broad stock market index.  The key to this successful strategy is taking a long-term perspective in trend analysis and portfolio management.

The Trend Ranking Data Tables

The 3 Trend Ranking Database Tables are the core subscription offering where all the important trend and data analyis are held, including links to real-time charts.  Each of the 154 ETFs in the data tables has 12 columns of unique trend data that is updated weekly on Sundays at 6pm EST.  The 3 main data tables are:

  1. ETF Heatmap - this trend data table sorts the 154 ETF universe into descending order of trend performance quintiles.

  2. ETF Asset Classes - this table divides the 154 ETF universe into 9 common asset class categories, and within each category sorts in decending order of trend strength performance.

  3. ETF Portfolios - this table contains 6 popular ETF Model Portfolios that sort in descending order of trend performance within each portfolio.


Real-Time Charts

Each of the 154 ETFs in the data tables has a link to open a real-time chart so you can see the recent pricing activity.  These charts are designed for use on desktop browsers with a high speed internet connection and will usually take 4 - 6 seconds to load due to the immense amount of data and graphics that are being displayed.  More help with charts is available in our Charts FAQs.

Getting Started with the Data Tables

There is a lot of data presented in the ranking tables so it will be good to take some time to understand how to read and interpret the trend data tables.  The 2 key trend ranking columns are always color-coded to give you an "at-a-glance" easy view of top trending ETFs.  Here are some of the core trend analytics from each table:

  • Invest in the Green Zone - please take the time to read this in detail, green zone investing is the core strategy to our trend investing. 

  • Understanding Quintiles - its helpful to understand the concept of quintiles as it is the basis for our trend strength color coding of the Power Score and Long Trend rankings.

  • Power Score - this is the key ranking score that is updated weekly, drives most investor decisions and is part of the green zone strategy.

  • Long Trend - the Long Trend is a measure of an individual ETF's trend direction and velocity and is part of the green zone strategy.

  • Alike Score - the Alike Score is a measure of how closely correlated an ETFs trend direction movement is with the broad stock market index.

If you spend some time to understand these key parts to the tables you will be doing well.  You can read more about all the trend data columns in Interpreting the Trend Data Tables.

Publishing Frequency

This trend data tables are sortable and are updated 50 times per year each Sunday morning at 12 noon Pacific Standard Time.  There will be 2 times per year it is not updated due to regular server maintenance schedules and you will receive advance notice of these server maintenance dates.  The real-time charts always give you real-time access to the latest pricing action and are available 24/7. You will also receive real-time charts for each ETF.

Setting Your Own Portfolio Review Frequency

This is a personal choice you must make and should be related to your investment planning horizons, we do not provide e-mail alerts.  It is important to remember that all of the trend data analystics is built from long-term trend pricing data - so it makes no sense to set a short-term portfolio review or trading frequency with this service.

Many of our long-term focused investors typically have a quarterly or bi-monthly review of their portfolio holdings to check-in with changes in the trend tables.  More active investors that are still trading long term trends will check in monthly or even weekly in some cases - the choice is yours!


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